“It’s the Art of Honesty…

That’s what great artists do.  That is what great people do.  They ask it.  They say it.  They express it.  They put in words what so many others are thinking and feeling and wondering.  They affirm that…


Drops Like Stars, by Rob Bell

Hello, my name is Emily Simons and I am a recovering perfectionist.  This blog is my personal outlet to fight off the freezing and incapacitating effects of Perfectionism, and hopefully, a way to help others do the same.  I write.  I post.  I don’t edit.  Honesty is an art, not a science.  For more of my thoughts, I suggest reading some of my first posts in March and April 2010.

I am married to the most wonderful man on the planet.  We have the cutest kids on the planet.  We are Team Simons.

Thanks for reading.



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